The Martian Republic


In the aftermath of the fall, nearly a billion transhumans found themselves refugees. Such a mass immigration required a desperate scramble for resources, supplies, accomodations, and the essentials of life. Mars was the nearest place where shelters could be set up and became the landing point for most of those refugees. Once the dust settled from the fighting, Mars became the defacto home for the majority of the Fall’s surviours. The planet’s population went from 3 million to 300 million nearly overnight. In the 80 years that followed, that population has blossomed further as egos were taken out of cold storage and sleeved and new children were born. The Martian Republic currently represents the largest nation in the known universe.


When fighting during the Fall truly hit Shit Hit The Fan status, General Wai Lun Fung seized direct control over all rescue and evacuation efforts in China. Once steps had been taken to get the rescue of his people under way, General Fung moved his forces to help rescue their neighbouring nations with ruthless calculations based on raw numbers and potential success regardless of past history with said nations or grudges. In a matter of days, he had won the respect and allegiance of most of the Asiatic armed forces, and within a week was commanding the evacuation of planet Earth. The authority and good will earned from this action was enough for him to manage the arguably more difficult task of maintaining order during the construction of refugee camps on Mars. When the desperate struggle of keeping everyone from starving or suffocating to death was more or less brought to an end, he was left in command of the most powerful army transhumanity had ever known. He did not set down the reins of power.

Most of the world’s leaders had died during the battles and those few who remained had no claim to lead nations that did not belong to them. General Fung’s forces kept power and maintained order for the decade that followed. During that time, Fung ordered experts to create the framework for a new civilian government. Once the Republic’s preliminary structure and body of laws were ready, the army oversaw the first election and turned civilian rule over to the civilians.


The Martian Republic has two distinct castes, Military and Civilian. Officially, neither caste is considered superior to the other. However, the Martian constitution lays out clearly and unambiguously that any actions that interfere with the operations of the Military are illegal and subject to Military Tribunal. By default, anyone who was a civilian during the Fall became a Civilian under Martian law. Anyone who was serving in any military during the Fall was given the chance to swear allegiance to General Fung and the Martian Republic, becoming a member of the Military caste. Those who chose to exit their service were deemed Civilians. Newly born transhumans are assigned their caste based upon the caste of their parents or creators. Every citizen of the Republic is given the chance to change their caste once and only once. This choice is permanent and cannot be made until the ego making it has reached the age of 30.

The Military Caste is run in a facist style with Grand Marshal Fung as the organization’s leader. The Military’s leadership is based out of the Spear of Mars, it’s largest base. It’s organization is similar to that of traditional Earth militaries except with a completely new branch of operations called Procurement. The Procurement division works very closely with Logistics and is in charge of harvesting resources for the Military such as minerals, foodstuffs, and fuels. While the Military is indeed willing to purchase products and materials from Civilians or foreign businesses, the Procurement division is set up to ensure that if push comes to shove, the Military can operate with complete autonomy.

The Civilian Caste is run as a democratic republic. 500 seats are portioned out to be voted upon by the populace, forming the legislative branch. In addition to those 500 regional seats, a prime minister is also voted upon by the whole populace. The prime minister, upon election, then appoints ministers to serve him and forms the executive branch. The electoral process is a five year cycle. For four years, 125 elected representatives have their seats voted upon. The fifth year is the year in which the prime minister is elected. Representatives and ministers are allowed to serve unlimited numbers of terms, and the prime minister is permitted to shuffle his cabinet at will.

The Martian Republic

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