Squatter : You probably share a one bedroom apartment with four or five people, and it’s not in good shape. You are often hungry, but you manage to get your hands on enough nutritional food bars and slurries to keep yourself going. Your clothes are second hand and often patched or holed, but you have them, so that’s a plus. You get pretty much everywhere on foot, and whenever possible don’t leave your district, because train passes are a substantial cost.

Low : It’ll be a bachelor pad for you, or perhaps a regular home in a coffin hotel or a room in someone else’s place. Your clothes are relatively cheap, but at least they don’t have holes in them. You’ve got enough money to go out every now and then and get some ramen at the cart or have a nice hamburger, but for the most part you are still making do with soy products out of the maker at home. Train rides are almost always in the common public cars standing room only.

Medium : Finally, a proper flat of your own. You’ve got the option of picking up some groceries to make some proper meals at home or heading out for something to eat when you don’t want to cook, and even visiting a restaurant on a pretty regular basis. When you take the train to get around town, you get one of the cars with the seats.


Racing Against Extinction JohnHutchenreuther