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Out of everywhere humanity has ever set foot, there is nowhere more free than Extropia.

Out of everywhere humanity has ever set foot, there is nowhere more cutthroat than Extropia.

Extropia is the name of the habitat that has taken over the moon Elara. It has a current estimated population of roughly nine million permanent residents and another one million visitors or tourists at any given time. The habitat itself is a cluster style habitat built around a more organized central infrastructure. Extropia is spun to provide gravity to it’s residents. At the equator, it’s gravity is a standard one Earth gravity. As one gets closer to the poles, the artificial gravity fades until it becomes non-existent at the poles themselves.

During the large Hypercorp rush to set up private corporate offices around the solar system and outside the law of any existing states, eccentric billionaires Petra Thiel and Hayek Taggart purchased the rights to Elara and established Extropia Corporation. Extropia Corporation laid out the costs to convert Elara into a habitat and then offered space on the station to other entrepreneurs and corporations who wanted to set up shop. Unlike other habitats established throughout the solar system, Extropia demanded no taxes, no allegiance, and no laws. Only adherence to a minimal contract and an agreement to pay rent for space used. Combined with aggressive loans being offered to small businesses to provide start up capital, Extropia flourished nearly overnight. Today, it is one of the most important economies in all known space.


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