Proxy that works for Firewall as a Vector


Seraph is a Proxy within the ranks of Firewall. His primary focus is on Vector operations, which is to say a hacker. Vectors are in charge of both information security within Firewall and data intrusion on targets of Firewall. Seraph has a fair bit of skill in that area and he also has made a name for himself by taking on risky targets and taking on ‘impossible’ tasks. It doesn’t always work out for him, but when it does he can seem 1337.

Seraph is a stalwart member of the Pragmatists, a faction within Firewall that advocates using any and every tool at their disposal. Enemy weapons are fair game for appropriation, psychic powers are a fantastic resource to be tapped, and no chance to study the nature and weaknesses of an existential threat is a waste. The Pragmatists are the faction that are working away in the backgrounds for protocols for trying diplomatic contact for humanity’s Fist Contact with aliens.



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