Great tits. Oh and she hits hard.


Feisty and passionate! Miyani can be unpredictable and boisterous, seductive and provocative, intimidating and mystifying. Her personality is bold and brash, her actions purposefully enticing, her choices in dress fitting of both. She is brutal in her honesty, but would rather that than ever be considered deceitful even when the majority might think a ‘white lie’ the better option. She tends to take a rather negative view of most other women, at best viewing them as a competitor at worst as incompetent.

Her height is slight below average at around 5’5" and slightly above average in weight owing to her muscular build. With getting a new body Miyani decided on several minor alterations. Whole maintaining her strength and muscular physique she has opted for a slightly more feminine framing requesting a smaller waist and slightly larger hips. Turning her original inverted triangle figure to an hour glass, but maintaining its muscular and athletic form.


Though she does not recall Miyani has learned that was once a pro-wrestler.

Created Background

Miyani has decided to set herself up in the habitat of Extropia, seeing it as the place she can most simply assume whatever life she wants, though what that is she is not currently clear on. Although she would obviously make good muscle for hire, she thinks that she would rather exploit her own sexuality, since she can tell she certainly enjoys that kind of attention. But seeing that hired muscle is a fitting role, and one that could easily explain away where her previous years have gone she requests a background along those lines. Setting herself up as a former member of an all female organised crime ring, for whom she was a charismatic, intimidating, and when need be merciless messenger. Her cover name was Emerald.


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