Human Weapon with a Mysterious Past


He’s a guy with first generation organic psychic organs.

Annarchy of the Trinity Titans

Magna is a man whose past is shrouded in mystery. Magnus Carlsen Eisenhardt (his assumed identity), on the other hand, was born in the Martian Republic on the northern continent. During his high school career at Trinity Academy, he got involved in the local Roller Derby Dodgeball team, the Trinity Titans. However, his career stalled when he purchased a, shall we say, ‘discount’ body, riddled with manufacturing errors such as arrythmia. This resulted in a heart attack during a regional qualifier, and his career was put on hold. However, the lawsuit against Mid Bio Informatics, the manufacturer, was settled quietly out of court.

Since then, Magnus has moved to Extropia, intent on finding himself a new Derby team.


Racing Against Extinction Skeeve