Super soldier turned bounty hunter

Name Jameson
Species Human
Origin Earth
Age 31
Occupation Bounty hunter

Jameson was born on Earth in 2065. He was part of special forces (a “super soldier” according to Seraph) and fought in some war against insurgents.

In 2176, he was unfrozen along with Dorian, Luka, Miyani, and Magna in an apocalyptic nightmare.

is a paladin of Sarenrae, currently serving as the marshall for the duchy of Ashmore. He was instated at the insistence of The Amber Isles to the new duke of Ashmore, Skeeve Plowse, as a show of good faith that Ashmore will take no further aggressive action against Inuyama, a colony of The Amber Isles located north-east of the duchy.

Jameson’s clubbing attire



Jalran comes from the Amber Isles, originating from a remote archipelago located in the eastern edge of the empire. The chain of islands is called Stars of the Morning Sky. He was born and raised amongst the open-air temples of Sarenrae, also known as the Dawnflower. His father was a prominent member of the Praj clan, which had an ancestral duty of protecting the empire from outside influences. He has not revealed much else to the council, nor has anybody asked to hear much else.


After eight months at Inuyama, which was troubled by the tyranny of Duke Seymore Ashmore, word came of a new duke in Stormont. A couple more months passed before imperial orders came to Jalran, instating him as the emissary to Stormont. He was to present himself to Duke Skeeve Plowse and request admission to his council. Skeeve instated Jalran as the councillor of the kingdom and lord mayor of Stormont, which worked well with Jalran’s background of working with commoners back home. He was eventually moved to the position of marshall and put in charge of the town guard.

Physically, Jalran has dark-grey skin with an orange ridge from the forehead to the back of the waist. His eyes are gold in colour. Since his departure from home, he has been disguised completely in his armour. The only people to have seen his face (in this plane of existence – Jalran briefly changed appearances in the bizarro universe) are Zarrin and Skeeve, who swore to keep his unusual appearance secret.


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