Proxy that heads up Firewalls' Erasure squads


Clean is a Proxy within the ranks of Firewall. His primary focus is on Erasure operations Firewall conducts. In other words, he’s the guy in charge of killing shit dead when it needs a good killing. It is known that he was an officer within one of Earth’s special forces units prior to the Fall, though specifically what force or specifically what rank have been kept as classified material. Little to nothing is known about Clean’s real identity.

Clean is known to be an advocate of the Conservatives within Firewall. The Conservatives advocate the destruction of existential threats with extreme prejudice. When a hammer will do, they prefer to reach for the 20 pound sledge. It’s better to be safe than extinct. Their caution extends to potential threats as well, and this faction tends to side against the use of viral weapons, psychic powers, and artificial intelligence development. Anything that could blossom into a species wide threat should not be in the hands of anyone, including Firewall itself. It should be deleted from the face of the galaxy.



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