Racing Against Extinction

Dorian's Log - 2176.04.23

Tatoos and Guns


Miyani got a cool nanite tattoo. She can turn it on or off at will.


Get a briefing on shanghai gang which works for nine lives. If we can take most of their equipment that gets us money and resources and likely puts them out of business. We go to scope them out. We’ll see if they spot us and see how fast they react.

Head to a gun shop and buy some light pistols.

Shanghai gang has an apartment building. We start scoping it out. Several ideas are proposed including infiltration, internet research, and surveillance. The gang is in the top two floors. Unclear if that is just their work space or if their families live here. too.

We head into the building. Luca hacks the cameras but can’t take control. Luca lingers in the lobby with two knitting ladies while the rest of us head into the elevator and we head to level 4. Elevators open and 3 goons are waiting for us. I shoot one while team mates beat the goons. After we take care of the first 3 six more goons come into the hallway. Meanwhile in the lobby Luca continues to hack. She is suspicious of the old grannies and hacks their profiles. They are suspiciously absent of anyone that lives in the building. Magna throws a goon telepathically towards another. The leader of the gang shoots Magna unconscious. I return fire with a hit. Miyani knocks the gun out of the gang leader’s hand. He returns with an electrified baton. He hits him and drags him into the hallway. Jamieson and I attack two more goons. I take a shot at Minos and hit Miyani by mistake. Miyani hits Minos in nuts and hits hard. Fight continues and everyone is taken out.

After Miyani goes into Minos’s room. And comes back out the room with Mino’s gun and shoots me in the photo. This critically woulds me and I experience pain so great that I wished I was unconscious as I can’t do a single thing including returning fire on this maniac. Miyanoi then grabs a bottle of alcohol and heads to leave. Luca and Magna locate some psychosurgical equipment when we get ambushed. Miyani tries crush a goon in the elevator door. Magna shoots the goon and Miyani instead slices him in half by taking him to the first floor and back up.

The rest of the goons are taken out. The team loots the third floor. Miyani goes upstairs and wakes up and takes with her a woman that was asleep. We leave as a group. I am not happy with this accompaniment and encourage the girl to leave but Miyani’s coercion (crital fail against me) but she appears to be very afraid. We head home.

Miyani and I stay home to recover while the rest of the group returns to continue to loot the building. They recover the rest of the psychosurgical equipment. They sell the empty bodies that require sleeving to the guy that original created our bodies. We get medical bills and healed up and sell guns. Each party member 14520 in credits.



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