Racing Against Extinction

Dorian's Log - 2176.04.22a

A Day of Research / Night of Disappointment


Talk to Serif about getting a psycho surgery teacher. She is potentially more altruistic than the normal person her. Do a web search for a “charity” that does medicine in the Wards. Not only do I seem to have an inclination for this (Serif says I used to work for Doctors without boarders, and it just seems like the right thing to do). Luca helps me navigate the web and I find some postings about doctors who do this work. I send them an email. I ask Luca for help for the wording on the email but she seems to not be any better at wording things than I am. Fortunately I think I got the words right, and in the end I must have because they’ve offered to let me shadow them for the next few days. I wonder if there is any compensation for this at some point.

Go out to a bar with Jamison and Magna. They triumphantly go to the hotel with the local Rollar Derby team. I seemed to have gotten a bit drunk and someone sent me home. I don’t quite remember.



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